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About Us

The Navy Mustang Association (NMA) is the only professional and social organization instituted for Naval officers who served proudly three or more years in the enlisted ranks. The logo includes the words 'Up from the Ranks' to describe the ascent of its membership, but also to light the path for future membership. Mustangs feel a profound responsibility for reaching into the enlisted ranks and supporting those worthy sailors seeking a commission. Mustangs also understand the importance of a support network and are committed to helping each other. NMA was originally started in 1989 by Mustangs in the Washington DC area. By 1994 Mustangs all over the world - active, reserve, and retired - were joining the Washington organization.

Our purpose is to inspire love of the Sea Services Services and Country; to provide members an opportunity to improve camaraderie both socially and professionally; to provide a forum for the communication of matters of mutal interest; to provide a factor for improving inter-community/service (warfare specialties) relationships; uphold reverance of the memory of our departed shipmates and to perpetuate and perserve historical records of MUSTANGS and their achievements.

Membership is open to present and former officers of the Navy who after having enlisted as a recruit in the Navy and who have received as a minimum the Good Conduct Medal and in recognition of their superior leadership and professional skills have been selected, through a sea service in-service procurement program, for and risen from the enlisted to the officer ranks. If you are interested in joining the Navy Mustang Association but do not meet all criteria for membership, please submit your application with a written request for exemption. The NMA Executive Committee will review your application and make a case-by-case decision on your eligibility for membership in the Association.