Information and Locations

The Navy Mustang Association (NMA) is the only professional and social organization instituted for Naval officers who served three or more years in the enlisted ranks. Our logo includes the words “Up from the Ranks” to describe the promotion achievements of our current membership, but also to light the path for future membership. Mustangs feel a profound responsibility for reaching into the enlisted ranks and supporting those worthy sailors seeking a commission. Mustangs also understand the importance of an ongoing support network and are committed to helping each other during and after military service.

NMA chapters are designed to provide professional support to chapter members by receiving and transmitting local and national information about laws, regulations, and attitudes affecting current and future Mustangs, active, reserve, retired and former officers. Chapters also exist to educate local Navy and public leadership on Mustangs and their personal and professional contributions. Chapters are social organizations because fellowship builds the strength of the organization and its members.

Chapter members provide the operating base for the National Organization and local organizations. It is through membership symposia, special activities and projects, sailor support programs and national and local chapter publicity that NMA gains and maintains the interest of its membership, obtains new members and has its greatest influence upon the Navy and public leadership.

If you are interested in creating a chapter in your local area, NMA will provide a disk and hard copy with sample forms, by-laws, and instructions to assist in organizing chapters. Call NMA headquarters at (703) 960-6805 or email us at  

NMA Chapter Location Information

President:  LT Candias Watson
Vice President:  LCDR Julia Nefczyk
Secretary:  LT Stephanie Lastinger
Treasurer:  LT Scott Morey

Hampton Roads, Virginia
President:  CDR Phil Bachand
Vice President:  Mr. Richard Green
Secretary:  Mr. Richard Green
Treasurer:  LTJG Patrick Hill 

Honolulu, Hawaii
President:  CAPT Michael Singleton
Vice President: 
Secretary:  LT Michael Schmidt

Mayport, Florida Chapter 
President: CWO4 Bernard Hall
Vice President: CWO4 Brian Shaw
Secretary: LTJG Megan Monroe
Treasurer: LT Melissa Howard


Pensacola, Florida
Emerald Coast Mustang Association
Pensacola, Florida

President: CAPT Lee Alexander
Vice President: CAPT Mike Whitt 
Secretary: ENS Jennifer Terry
Treasurer: CDR (ret) Evan Hipsley 
Historian: CAPT (ret) Tom Pruter 

Puget Sound
President: LCDR James Hair
Vice President:  LT John Vanover
Secretary:  LT Michael Fasano
Treasurer:  CWO4 Steve Lewis

Millington, TN (Mid South) Chapter
President:  LT Ravel Pirouznia, USN
Vice President: LT Clarence Shelton, USN
Secretary: LT Shanique Howard, USN
Treasurer:  ENS Jennifer Edwards, USN

Naples, Italy
President: LT Alexander Bates, USN
Vice President: LT Kevin D. Jack, USN

National Capital Region
President: LCDR Brandon Dehaan, USN
Vice President: LT Tennille Hairston, USN
Secretary: LT Jennifer Baker-Story, USN
Treasurer:  LT Greg Royal, USN

Okinawa Chapter
President:  CDR Rich Hayden, MSC, USN
Vice President: LCDR Arnel De La Pena, MSC,USN
Secretary:  LTJG Scott Weidner, MSC, USNR 
Treasurer:  LTJG Keith Kilpatrick, MSC, USNR 

Rota, Spain Chapter
President:  LCDR John Courtial, USN
Vice President:  LT Rich Whipple, USN
Secretary:  LT Antonio James, USN
Treasurer:  LTJG Bobbi Orr, USN

San Diego Chapter
President: CAPT Mark Meskimen, USN
Deputy: CDR Nichol Schine, USN
Vice President: LCDR Leo Nicasio, USN
Secretary: CWO2 Aquiella ‘Q’ Montero, USN
Treasurer: LCDR Phil Carey, USN
Boards Coord: LT Sheena Phillips, USN

Southern Maryland Chapter
Facebook Page:
President: LCDR Marilee Pike
Vice President:
Secretary: LT John Vanover, USN
Treasurer: LCDR Chuck Elliott, USN
Historian:  LCDR Harry Errington,USN (Ret)

Ventura County
President: LCDR Jeff Jordan
Vice President: LCDR Keith Morris
Secretary: CWO2 Raymond Walker
Treasurer: LT Yvette Washington

Whidbey Island Mustang Association (WIMA) 
President: CDR Charles G. Murphy
Vice President: CDR Daniel A. Olvera
Secretary: CWO4 Edward H. Heim
Treasurer: CWO4 (Ret) Joyce “JB” Beaver