President’s Message

16 September 2021

Today, Commander Ron Pugh and I exchanged both the duties and office of President of your Navy Mustang Association National Chapter. Ron, like all past Presidents, will remain ever-present in our Association’s journey ahead and we wish him the very best of luck in future endeavors.

It’s a spectacular day in our World’s Greatest Navy! Reflecting back to this day in 1991, the Chief’s Pinning Ceremony was a scene-setter around the Globe, including yours truly in Hampton Roads, VA. Thank you to EACH and EVERY one of you that has volunteered to wear the cloth of our Nation.

What’s on tap you may ask aside from the required transfer of duties? Two- way exchange of communications and a few major muscle movers that have been suggested from the masses including: electing your remaining Board Seats. You will see a call for nominations followed by voting shortly thereafter. If you are interested, qualified in all regards, and a member in good standing of National, please consider answering the call. Third, a bottom-up review and refresh of Admin and governing documents, the Newsletter-where your help is absolutely essential, our By Laws, Website publication and content, etc. Fourth, Mustang chapter status, composition, establishment, and their way ahead. Where and when practical, virtual and/or on-site visits given current constraints. And by no means last, continuing to recruit our reliefs, bolstering our membership, and setting the standard by leading from the front as Mustangs each and every day! Sursum ab Ordine. Your thoughts and ideas are both highly-encouraged and always welcome. Send to:

Very Respectfully yours,
Commander, 1813, USN, Ret
President, Navy Mustang Association